Midway in e-portfolio land of the MOOCers

All the MOOCers have been busily creating their assets for showcasing – some are learning about new tools to do that e.g. slideshare and mindmapping.

At last count we have 357 registered for the MOOC with 226 in the Ning Community. Thanks goodness not everyone of them is posting in the forums or blogs (smiles) – we are coping well with the regulars. However we do welcome newbies to post, blog, submit photos and send messages.

Now we’re halfway into week 5 where the real work begins – the design phase. Some experimental explorations into Googlios, has shown us the desire for eportfolios in open source, portable and exportable spaces. A new one on the scene has been Myshowcase.

In the Ning and in my gmail, there have been lots of comments from contributors and lurkers alike – they like the way they can manage the experiences and choose how much and when to immerse themselves in the MOOC. We have now normed as a community.

Looking back over week 4:

  • we’ve seen some newbies entering the field and reporting on their progress and filing their evidence
  • specific groups for implementation of e-portfolios are ramping up as they discuss things like group portfolios, and portfolios for research
  • new blog links have been added to our Netvibes site and bloggers are keen for your comments – please post at least one comment for someone each week
  • A few additional items (namely the MOOCmen and the MOOCmaids) have been located in various parts of the MOOC – in the learnspace, in the webinars, in the community and soon they’ll be out there on the web popping up in blogs, websites and google maps. Keep your eyes peeled for them.
  • Oh and be on the lookout for RPL – he’s been leaving a trail of evidence for Detective Ryan Peterovski; you’ll find reference to his latest escapades in this blog.

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